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Pro X Services is the Local Leader in Mole Control in Atlanta.

Mole Extermination: Could Save $$ Thousands in Lawn and Turf Damage

Pro X Services designed a special treatment protocol for controlling and ridding your yard of moles. These turf destroying pests can multiply rapidly and destroy a beautiful turf landscape in just one breeding season. Our special mole treatment usually consists of 1 or more visits to your property to effectively monitor and assure control is achieved.

Our Mole Pest Removal Protocol

1.) Inspect your turf landscape, identify the mole pest and assess the severity of the mole infestation.

Then, implement tried and tested mole control and removal program which may consist of:

1) strategically destroying select mole entrances while leaving others intact

2) apply specifically designed bait to target the mole pests

3) to ensure maximum probability of success, we may also apply a special treatment to the lawn/turf to eliminate primary and alternative food sources for the moles (including lawn grubs).

4) Moles are highly incentivized to consume the bait and/or leave the area to find more productive feeding grounds.

Our specialized mole extermination and removal program really works! It's a service that our team has been specializing in for years. If you suspect you might have moles destroying your yard, call us today or schedule a mole control service online.