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Pro X Services is the Local Leader in Humane Vole Removal in Atlanta.

Vole Extermination: Could Save $$ Thousands in Lawn, Shrub and Turf Damage

Pro X Services have designed a special treatment protocol for controlling and ridding your yard of voles. These turf destroying pests can multiply rapidly and destroy a beautiful turf landscape in just one breeding season. Voles also readily devour plants, trees, herbs and many other common yard and garden plants. Our special vole treatment usually consists of 1 or more visits to your property to effectively monitor and assure complete vole control is achieved.

Our Vole Pest Removal Protocol

  1. Inspect your turf landscape, identify the vole pest and assess the severity of the vole infestation.
  2. Vole Treatment Application: Our tried and tested vole control and removal program can consist of a combination of methods including trapping, baiting and also vole habitat management.
  3. Prevention Recommendations: Our professional vole removal specialists can make recommendations to help prevent future problems such as keeping grasses low so you can see burrow entrances. For severe vole problems, wire meshing can be installed around trees and plants to deter digging and burrowing.

Our specialized vole extermination and removal program really works! It's a service that our team has been specializing in for years. If you suspect you might have voles destroying your yard, call us today (or book a vole removal service online).